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Practice Makes Perfect (BOTH GOOD & BAD)

This popped up on my Facebook feed today and it got me thinking… Not only can we practice things that move us closer towards our goals – training and nutrition for example. We can also practice things that move us away from our goals – self sabotage, negative talk and excuses. We can PERFECT them…

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I Got This One Online Client

I’m not going to mention her name. But it starts with a “Steph” and ends with a “anie”. This lady… – Has a coaching call with me every month and has never missed a call. – Checks in and emails me a weekly review of her training and nutrition. – Eats real food and lots…

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The Domino Effect

Everything you do either takes you closer or further away from your goals. Even the stuff that has nothing to do with your goals. For example last Thursday night I went to bed late. So the next morning I woke up groggy and late for a meeting. Also I missed lunch because I didn’t have…

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This Was Hard For Me To Share

You’ve probably heard this before… The top 5 people you hang around the most will reflect your beliefs, thoughts and actions. In other words if you hang 5 bank robbers you’ll become the 6th. If you hang 5 successful people you’ll become the 6th. I guess why I almost didn’t email you this because it…

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