Back Pain During Donkey Kicks? (QUICK FIX)

If you experience lower back pain…

… or you feel the glute isn’t working as hard as it should during donkey kicks then today’s post is for you.

You’re going to discover a quick fix called the ‘3 inch weight shift’

This will instantly fix that lower back pain and turn on that glute like never before.

Donkey kicks are a hip-hyperextension exercise – this means the knee can go beyond the hip.

And that’s why donkey kicks are such a fantastic glute building exercise.


Because this can occur, some of the range of motion can come from your lower back and that’s why you may be feeling that pain.

So to fix this here’s what you’re going to do…

While you’re in quadruped (on all four’s) shift your weight back 3 inches so that your knees are in front of your hips.

When you do this you lock your lower back into place and the range of motion can no longer come from there.

Now when you perform donkey kicks the range of motion comes from the hip, not the back, which results in a happy back and a burnt glute.

I hope you enjoyed this blog but you know…

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