30 Days Is All It Takes

I had a coaching call the other day with one of my online girls – yes, even on a public holiday for the Queens Birthday.

She felt like she has completely lost the plot with her training and nutrition.

She knows what she has to do – because I’ve taught her.

But implementing it was another story.

The problem was she felt like her perfect nutrition plan was miles away – like it would take her 6 months to get it right.

Same with her training too – she felt that she was 6 months away from her best – where she’s setting PR’s and owning her program.

I told her something – that I wanted to share with you – that seemed to give her an ‘ah ha’ moment and put her back on track…

“30 days is all it takes.”

Think about it…

Just imagine how good you would look and feel if you stopped eating junk food for the next 30 days.

Just imagine how awesome you would feel if you did something physical for 30 minutes, every day, for the next 30 days.

Just imagine how clear minded you would be if you meditated, every day, for 20 minutes for the next 30 days.

Just imagine how healthier and upbeat you would feel if you spent more time outside than watching t.v for the next 30 days.

Just imagine how much happier you would feel if you stopped worrying about the things you can’t control for the next 30 days.

Focus on short term goals to produce long term results.

The big question is…

What you are going to focus on for the next 30 days?

About The Author

Grant Lofthouse

Grant Lofthouse is personal trainer with over 10 years experience who helps his clients break fat loss, muscle building and strength plateaus by using simple strength and nutrition systems.