Creatine For Girls Who Lift (DOESN’T CAUSE BLOATING)

One of my online girls was getting some serious bloating.

We couldn’t figure out why because her nutrition was on track.

Anyway I took a stab in the dark and we changed her creatine supplement because it has been known to cause bloating (despite what the studies suggest)

We changed it to Con-Cret by ProMera

This is bar far the best creatine product I’ve tried and I’ve tried A LOT.

I now recommend this to all my online girls to help them with their strength and lean muscle endeavors.

You’ll notice it’s a Creatine HLC not a Creatine Monohydrate (which is the most common).

– I don’t have to load or cycle it (like you’re supposed to with monohydrate).

– I only need 2 grams (not 10g + like monohydrate).

– Studies have shown it has a 60% better absorption rate than monohydrate.

So is monohydrate bad???

Nah, this is just better – give it a go and let me know how it works out for you.

About The Author

Grant Lofthouse

Grant Lofthouse is the creator of the Girls Who Lift program which is a dependable and consistent strength and nutrition system that breaks your fat loss, muscle building and strength plateaus by customizing your program beyond the typical ‘eat less and move more’ model. He has clients in every state of Australia and regularly acts as an online coach to girls who lift.