Trust The System

So I like have this system I use with my online girls.

It’s hard to explain but it goes something like this…

– You lift heavy things in a safe manner.
– You do some low intensity cardio.
– You stop eating shit and eat real food for the musclezzz.

The result?

You start to see ‘shape’ and ‘a hint of abs’…


Want to learn more about the Girls Who Lift system?

First, let me tell you who GWL is for, this group IS for:

1. Girls who want to build tight lean athletic curves and flat stomachs whilst maintaining a very feminine sustainable physique.

2. It’s all in the name – you’re a true ‘girl who lifts’ and has at least 6 months training experience.

3. Girls who want to add 20 kilos to their military and bench press and 40 kilos to their squat and deadlift.

4. Girls who have access to a gym or equipment and can dedicate at least 45-60 minutes 4 times per week to strength train.

5. Girls who know they can break their fat loss, muscle building and strength plateaus, and who are willing to work hard to make that happen.

This group is NOT for:

1. You want to be really skinny or thin.

2. You’re not willing to be consulted online.

3. You’re vegetarian (nothing wrong with it – just not my field of expertise).

4. Girls who are just getting started on their fitness journey.

If you feel that the Girls Who Lift system is for you, you can click here and fill out an application form to see if we’re a fit.

About The Author

Grant Lofthouse

Grant Lofthouse is personal trainer with over 10 years experience who helps his clients break fat loss, muscle building and strength plateaus by using simple strength and nutrition systems.