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The Most Importantest Strength Lesson Everrr

(pronounce the “everrrr” like you’re a spoilt teenage girl, it sound so much better 🙂 And yes, I used ‘importantest’ in the headline – it’s my blog – I do what I want 😉 Anyways… Last week a girl came to my table with a problem that plagues a lot of girls who lift. She…

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Romanian Deadlift Trick For Women (ADD MORE OOMPH!)

RDL’s are an ‘ok’ exercise to bring up your hamstrings. But with this little trick were going add a little more oomph! … and turn them from just an ‘ok’ exercise to a fantastic exercise. The reason why I stated the RDL as just as ‘ok’ hamstring exercise … is because there’s only tension on…

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2 Weird Barbell Hip Thrust Tricks

One of my online girls messaged me the other day asking how to feel her glutes more during bb hip thrusts. I sent her this video video where I talked about applying the mini band below the knees. Her bands were still arriving in the mail so she was wondering if there was anything else.…

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The Best Booty Exercise You’re Not Doing (BUTT ON FIRE!)

I believe there is two main rules to building a booty…. Progressive overload: Which is the determination to improve the exercise (intensity, volume or technique) each week. Feeling the glute work: I want you to be able to contract the glute – making it rock hard – during any glute exercise. Unfortunately, most glute exercises…

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Back Pain During Donkey Kicks? (QUICK FIX)

If you experience lower back pain… … or you feel the glute isn’t working as hard as it should during donkey kicks then today’s post is for you. You’re going to discover a quick fix called the ‘3 inch weight shift’ This will instantly fix that lower back pain and turn on that glute like never…

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Squats Are NOT The Best Booty Building Exercise

There. I. Said. It. Now before you get your knickers in a twist… In this blog post you will discover – How I think they became popular. – A awesome study that backs me up. – 4 actions the glutes perform. – A list of the top glute building exercises. How I Think Squats Became Famous For Glute…

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Weak Bench Press? (NOT ANYMORE)

As mention in the video – here’s the link where you can get free early bird access to the Strong Curves workout program. Out of the big 3 (squat, bench and deadlift) the bench press is the hardest to develop for most girls who lift. But not anymore (smiley face)… In the video above I’m…

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