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The Most Importantest Strength Lesson Everrr

(pronounce the “everrrr” like you’re a spoilt teenage girl, it sound so much better 🙂

And yes, I used ‘importantest’ in the headline – it’s my blog – I do what I want 😉


Last week a girl came to my table with a problem that plagues a lot of girls who lift.

She trains 4 times per week and copy’s the video workouts posted on a popular fitness chicks Facebook page.

Her problem was:

She was struggling to get stronger.

For example, one of her goals is to increase her squat.

So how does one build super women strength?

’twas a good question.

My answer I learned from Pavel?

“Anything above 5 reps is body building”

Standing at the park doing body weight squats for 100 reps aint gonna build super women strength.

You might get a nice lil burn but that’s about it.

It’s not about the “burn” or the “pump” or the “heart rate”.

You actually have to add some damn weight to the bar that’s heavy.

This training won’t sound sexy, but it is the most effective way.

My online girls each month receive their ‘main lifts’ document along with their training program.

The main lifts document includes all all their sets, reps and even weight for their big 4 (squat, bench, deadlift and military press) that I’ve calculated for them so that there is absolutely no guess work.

For example here’s what one of my girls is doing today for her back squat…

1. 40 kg x 5
2. 57.5 kg x 5
3. 77.5 kg x 5
4. 90 kg x 5
5. 102.5 kg x 5+

Notice a common number?

It can help any girl add build some head turning strength and confidence in a matter of a few months.

And, newer girls who lift will especially benefit from it.

All right, enough.

Take care – comb your hair – talk soon


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Grant Lofthouse is personal trainer with over 10 years experience who helps his clients break fat loss, muscle building and strength plateaus by using simple strength and nutrition systems.