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Back Pain During Donkey Kicks? (QUICK FIX)

If you experience lower back pain… … or you feel the glute isn’t working as hard as it should during donkey kicks then today’s post is for you. You’re going to discover a quick fix called the ‘3 inch weight shift’ This will instantly fix that lower back pain and turn on that glute like never…

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Squats Are NOT The Best Booty Building Exercise

There. I. Said. It. Now before you get your knickers in a twist… In this blog post you will discover – How I think they became popular. – A awesome study that backs me up. – 4 actions the glutes perform. – A list of the top glute building exercises. How I Think Squats Became Famous For Glute…

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Weak Bench Press? (NOT ANYMORE)

As mention in the video – here’s the link where you can get free early bird access to the Strong Curves workout program. Out of the big 3 (squat, bench and deadlift) the bench press is the hardest to develop for most girls who lift. But not anymore (smiley face)… In the video above I’m…

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If You Wana Have Hot Sexy Curves

You gotta build muscle! I think we can all agree on that. Well, at least my online client can agree on this (she’s in the picture ^^) However when most girls try to build muscle they start off on the wrong foot. When you look into the training programs of most girls who seek an…

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The Long Lost Forgotten Exercise

These days most girls want to swing kettlebells, flip tyres, press kegs filled with water and drag sleds, yet cannot perform 10 decent push ups or 1 single pull up. Society is always looking for the ‘next best thing’ in the fitness industry and this leads to inconsistent, wishy-washy results. Today, I want take you…

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How to Trick Yourself into Doing Exercises You Dislike

Do you have a list of exercises you hate doing but know you should do? Core? Push ups? Burpees? I know I certainly do. Following on from yesterday’s post where I talked about having FUN with your workouts. I’ll openly admit that there are still some things you may have to do that you don’t…

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