You’re Missing Out on 48 Hours of Fat Loss

Yes, you read that correctly.

There’s at least 30% of your week where you have turned your fat burning switch completely off.

Want to know how to turn it back on?

It’s quite simple really.

Fix up your weekends.

The weekend is that 48 hours where most girls undo everything they have been working hard for during the week.

If you’re currently not happy with your progress, you want to go to the next level or get out of a plateau…

… then the weekend is actually where you can get the upper-hand.

With my entry level online girls it’s usually the first place where we start.

I don’t even touch their Mon-Fri habits.

I help fix up their weekends and within a month they’ve suddenly lost 5 kilos and in a whole other category.

Make a few tweaks and have a little more structure it can give you an EXTRA 48 hours of fat burning.

Take care, comb your hair – talk soon,

– Grant

About The Author

Grant Lofthouse

Grant Lofthouse is personal trainer with over 10 years experience who helps his clients break fat loss, muscle building and strength plateaus by using simple strength and nutrition systems.