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The Domino Effect

Everything you do either takes you closer or further away from your goals.

Even the stuff that has nothing to do with your goals.

For example last Thursday night I went to bed late.

So the next morning I woke up groggy and late for a meeting.

Also I missed lunch because I didn’t have time to prepare food that morning.

I also don’t have any other opportunity to eat until after 5pm.

Because I was so hungry I had no energy to train or prepare dinner.

As a result I ended up having take out because I was too damn tired, hungry and frustrated.

That’s all on me and my fault.

But today was a great day.

I went to bed early last night.

So I woke up early with enough time for a 20 minute walk, 10 minutes of food prep and breakfast before meetings.

Energy was good for the day.

I didn’t skip lunch because I had food prepared.

I didn’t feel the need to eat any sugar or crap because I ate lunch.

I was able to make healthy decisions all day because I wasn’t starving.

Because my energy was high I had a killer workout.

Dinner time, I had some really nice fish with sweet potato and salad.

Both good and bad examples all started from one small situation which snow balls and can go either way.

I call this the domino effect…

Become aware of the situations that have a negative domino effect on your goals (going to bed late for example) and avoid them.

On the other hand, continue to put yourself in situations that have a positive domino effect on your goals (going to bed early for example).
It’s so simple. But it works.

Remember, everything you do either takes you closer to or further away from your goals.

– Grant

About The Author

Grant Lofthouse

Grant Lofthouse is personal trainer with over 10 years experience who helps his clients break fat loss, muscle building and strength plateaus by using simple strength and nutrition systems.