Squat Chains, Chin Ups & RDLS

We’ve had a big week at the gym, lots of PR’s have been achieved (which is quite common in week 3).

Also, shoutout to Ashley for dropping a total of 14 kilos so far in a little under 3 months.

Anyways, I shot a fair few videos this week, and here’s 3 that have been quite popular and I think may help you with your own training…

1. Too much hamstring with RDLs

If you’re doing RDLs, and you’re feeling too much hamstring, and not enough glute, then this video is for you. I will walk you through how to achieve more glute from this hip hinge movement.

Too much hamstring with RDLs <- click here

2. Why I squat with chains

Every now and then you might see a video of me squatting with chains. So I thought I’d share with you why I do this and the benefits behind it (it’s not what you think).

Why I squat with chains <- click here

3. Increase chin up strength

Want to increase your chin up strength? Then you’re going to love this video, I’ll walk you through a simple system I learnt from Pavel that skyrockets your chin up strength.

Increase chin up strength <- click here

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