Saturday’s Lower Body Workout

On Saturday I trained one of my clients, Dragana, and put her through one of my favourite Strong Not Skinny lower body workouts

She kicked things off with the deadlift, working up to 115 kilos and then doing a few sets with that weight. We’re aiming to build get deadlift back up to 140 kilos since she’s had some time off from it.

She didn’t do a whole bunch of volume because we then followed it up with some more hip hinge work. That being, the RDL.

Time saving tip – going from deadlifts into RDLs is super time efficient as the bar is already set up from deadlifts, just take some weight off and go straight into RDLs.

Next up I had her do some barbell glute bridges on a decline bench.

Performing your glutes bridges on decline bench versus the floor is a game changer…

– No carpet burn on your back.

– No sliding around of the floor and having to adjust your feet every few reps.

– Comfortable back support (no corner of the bench digging into your back).

– No awkward start or dismount.

Then, she finished off with some reverse lunges.

That’s it. Just 4 exercises and she absolutely toast and ticked all the movement patterns:

1. Hip hinge (deadlift and RDL)

2. Thrust or bridge (glute bridges)

3. Knee dominant (reverse lunges)

If you do this a couple times per week, and apply some effective set and rep schemes, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective this is 🙂

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