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How Often Should a Girl Who Lifts Change Her Workout?

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Imagine if you had to perform the same workout for the rest of your life.

It would get pretty boring and stale, wouldn’t it?

Each week you’d be dragging your feet to the gym and just going through the motions because you got to perform ‘that’ workout again?

I cringe just thinking about it.

The other day I received a question from Laura who’s experiencing a similar issue – first off she states that she just started a brand new squat, bench and deadlift program to improve her strength and she’s loving it.

However her trainer hasn’t changed her assistant exercises in the last 6 months. She’s bored, losing motivation and not quite sure what to do.

So let me tell what I do when it comes to programming for my girls to avoid this very situation.

Firstly, we change the program every single month.

The squat, bench and deadlift remain in the program year round but the assistant exercises get changed every 4 weeks.

Why you ask?

Simple, to avoid getting bored and burnt out.

Let’s face it, doing the same program month after month gets stale and boring.

Also, you’ll find the longer you stay on the program the results start to slow down.

So changing it up once per month helps prevents this. Now I know what you’re thinking…

Ok cool Grant, makes sense, but what do I change it to?

Whenever I create new programs for my girls, I always think back to this concept Pavel taught me.

It’s called the ‘Same but Different’ principle.

Here’s how it works…

If we quickly put a squat program together it could look something like this…

Month 1:
1. Back Squat
2. DB Incline Press
3. 1 Arm DB Row
4. Romanian Deadlift
5. Frog Pumps

Now, to apply the ‘same but different’ principle to the program above you could do something like this…

Month 2:
1. Back Squat
2. DB Flat Press
3. Seated Row
4. BB Hip Thrust
5. Seated abductions with mini band

You see how the program system remains the same, you’re not completely switching training styles, you’re just tweaking the assistant exercises.

There’s literally 100 different exercises you can choose from to attack the upper and lower body and to bring up weak points.

So there you have it, to avoid getting bored and burnt out change you program every single month and apply the ‘same but different’ principle.

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