Bent Over Rows, Mansplaining and Back Squats

I have been putting a lot of time and effort into TikTok for the last couple months, posting 3-4 videos per day.

People have really been enjoying my feedback videos, so I thought it would be a good idea to send you the top 3 videos from the last couple of weeks as I think you might find them really helpful for your own training.

Also, you don’t need a TikTok account to watch the videos so take your pick!

1. Bent Over Row Help for Deisy

In this video you’re going to learn a common mistake performed when doing bent over rows and why you feel like you’re getting pulled forward.

Bent Over Row <- you can watch the video here.

2. Sumo Deadlift Help for Lilibet

In this video you’ll discover two things you should be doing when performing sumo deadlifts, and one of my favourite cues to set you up into a great position at the beginning of the lift.

Sumo Deadlift <- click here to watch the video.

3. Back Squat Feedback for Victoria

In this video you’ll learn why you shouldn’t squat with a bar pad and how wide you should position your feet when you elevate the heels.

Back Squat <- you can watch the video here.

Bonus: I was accused of mansplaining!

Someone stitched one of my videos and claimed that I was mansplaining. This was an interesting one, and the comment section is on fire!

Click here to watch the video.

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