B-Stance, Glute Building & Knee Cave

Something really cool happened last week…

I’m super proud to say that I hit 50k followers in Tik Tok! It’s crazy because this was a goal of mine I set to achieve by the end of the year!

It’s not a massive number compared to other accounts, but I’ve never really hit a decent milestone number on any social media, so it’s really cool to me.

Mind you, this changes absolutely nothing! My goal is still, and always will be, to provide as much value to you through video and email as much as possible.

With that being said…

Here’s my top 3 Tik Tok videos from last week that you might find helpful for your own training.

Also, you don’t need a TikTok account to watch the videos 🙂

1. B-Stance RDL

B-stance RDL can be a great variation to the traditional bi-lateral RDL. If you’ve ever wondered how to do them correctly, from setting up the b-stance foot to the shin angle, then this video is for you…

How to do a B-stance RDL <- click here

2. 5 Glute Building Exercises

If you want to build your glutes, then you might enjoy these 5 exercises that I have been programming a lot for my clients lately (and nope, its not Bulgarian split squats, RDLS or back squats).

5 Glute Building Exercises <- click here

3. Knee Cave when Squatting

Do your knees cave in when you squat? A little knee cave here and there is not a big deal (especially for advanced lifters who are maxing out). But I don’t thinks its something that should be practiced regularly. There can be a couple reasons why the knees cave in, here’s a great place to start…

Knee cave when squatting <- click here

Talk soon


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