A Typical Nutrition Conversation with a GWL

Girl who lifts: Grant, I’m really struggling with my diet and I feel like I’m stuck in a plateau.

Grant: Ok sure – so tell me what you’re doing at the moment.

Girl who lifts: Ok well I usually just eat when I’m hungry and eat whatever is in the cupboard which is clean 90% of the time…

… sometimes I eat 5 meals and sometimes I eat 2 meals per day.

^^^ Does the above sound familiar?

This was my first coaching call (of many) with a new girl who jumped on board with my premium online program.

And it’s funny because most nutrition conversations at first with my girls look similar to this.

That being…

You’re REACTIVE rather than PROACTIVE with your nutrition.

A REACTIVE girl who lifts will do the following:

– Eats when hungry.

– Lets hunger determine what she eats.

– Eats 2 meals one day and 5 another.

– Simply ‘wings’ their nutrition with no method, structure or plan.

A PROACTIVE girl who lifts will do the following:

– Eats on a schedule.

– Rarely allows hunger to determine her food selections.

– Looks to the future and plans her food ahead of time.

And here’s another funny weird thing…

You already know how to be PROACTIVE.

Because there’s a fair chance you do it with your training.

You have set days when you train.

You have a set program that you follow.

You already know what you’re doing before you set foot in the gym.

(And if you don’t then you’re in trouble so the best place to be proactive with your training is to jump on my Strong Curves program here: http://grantlofthouse.com/strong-curves/ )

So where’s the best place to start with your nutrition?

On a Sunday night grab some paper and a pen and write Monday to Sunday…

Underneath each day write 1. 2. 3.

1 = breakfast
2 = lunch
3 = dinner

Yes just 3 meals to start off with.

If you’re currently not getting 3 meals right at moment – what makes you think you’ll be able to get 5+ meals right?

Then take 15-20 minutes to fill out every single day and number with a meal.

Don’t just write a meal down for the sake of it.

Think about your week…

Are you going out somewhere Wednesday night?

What about on a Thursday when you have that late work meeting?

Actually think about it.

When you’re done you should have at least 21 meals mapped and scheduled for the week.

This is what being PROACTIVE looks like girls.

And when you do this you will now be in control of your food rather than allowing food to control you.


P.S. Oh and as for the picture used for this blog post…

That’s a very simple weekly schedule planner I sent to my premium online girl who is going to fill out every Sunday night – I invite you to do the same thing.

About The Author

Grant Lofthouse

Grant Lofthouse is personal trainer with over 10 years experience who helps his clients break fat loss, muscle building and strength plateaus by using simple strength and nutrition systems.