7 Random Tips (FOR GIRLS WHO LIFT)

I had a One Day Fast Track coaching session with a girl who lifts last Friday .

We spent 4 hours together going over her training and nutrition and she left with a complete transformation blueprint to follow for the next 12 weeks.

Here’s some 7 random things that stood out for me during our time together…

1. When deadlifting your intent is to push the floor away with your heels

NOT to pull the bar up to you.

When you do this you will feel stronger and safer with zero back pain.

2. When squatting create as much upper body tension

Do this by…

– gripping the bar hard.

– driving the elbows forward.

– pulling down on the bar and trying to break it over your back.

Even though the squat is considered a lower body exercise, if you can turn it into a full body exercise you will feel stronger and safer.

3. When bench pressing pull your feet back behind your knees and dig your feet into the ground.

This does two things…

– Prevents you from getting happy feet.

– Creates some lower body tension.

4. Do your damn core training!

I’ve said this countless times but it worth repeating again.

Do not neglect it – especially if you’re planning on having kids someday.

Speak to any girl who has had kids – your core goes completely out the window and its so hard to get back after having little ones.

And it’s even harder if you never worked on it before kids.

Do it at the BEGINNING of your workout NOT at the end.

You’ll thank me later on this.

And no – crunches is not core training.

I’ve done an entire 5 part series on core training – here’s part 1…

If you want to watch this on YouTube click here: The 4 Different Types of Core Exercises (For Girls Who Lift)

5. Invest in some squat shoes if you’re serious about squatting.

$150-200 will get you a pair that will probably last you 10+ years.

I’ve had mine for 5 years and they still look brand new.

6. Match your nutrition time investment with your training time investment.

Meaning if you train 3 hours per week then dedicate 3 hours per week to your nutrition.

– Shopping.

– Food prep.

– Study.

Wherever you’re lacking that’s where you spend your time.

Don’t have the time?

Yes you do.

Find it.

Way too many girls thinking they can bust their balls in the gym and just wing their nutrition.

Soz but doesn’t work that way.

And here’s why…

There is no such thing as a fat loss workout.

^ read that again because it’s that important.

– High intensity
– Low intensity
– Full body
– Split
– Cardio
– Weights
– Zumba
– Powerlifting
– Crossfit
– Bodybuilding
– Bootcamp
– Pump class

Anything else?

None of it leads to fat loss, results or body transformation IF YOU DO NOT PUT TIME INTO YOUR NUTRITION.

End of.

7. Once every 12 weeks test your big 3

– Squat

– Deadlift

– Bench press

Doesn’t need to be a 1 rep max – in fact I don’t recommend it anyways.

You can test something lighter like your 5 rep max.

Here’s a video of Ingrid testing her deadlift 5 rep max from our One Day Fast Track.

Hope you enjoyed this and can apply some of the above to your training and nutrition right away.

And if you’re truly serious about your lifting then you’re going to love my new Strong Curves program.

It’s for girls who lift and want to build a strong, fit and athletic hourglass figure.

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Take care, comb your hair,


About The Author

Grant Lofthouse

Grant Lofthouse is personal trainer with over 10 years experience who helps his clients break fat loss, muscle building and strength plateaus by using simple strength and nutrition systems.