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Inside Athletic Curves You'll Discover...

1. The Ultimate Warm Up

To lift heavy weights, break records, and add lean muscle to your frame, you need a great warm-up to unlock your full potential before every workout.

Inside i'll show you exactly how to do it.

2. The Strength System

Since you know that lifting pink dumbbells isn't going to get you a strong, lean and sexy body...

Let me show you what you should be doing in instead.

3. The Fitness Formula

I get it, cardio sucks! But it still needs to be done.

Inside I'll give you alternative cardio methods that builds your fitness tank so you can power through your workouts and shed fat fast.

But before we go any further, let me ask you...

Are you currently stuck in a plateau?

If so, you’re not alone.

My name is Grant Lofthouse, founder of Girls Who Lift, author of Athletic Curves and creator of Strength Squad.

After working with many girls who lift...

I've found that the number one frustration is that they can’t seem to break their plateau no matter how much they train or how little they eat.

Until I found a system that actually has you training less and eating more!

What I’ve discovered is that breaking your plateau isn’t difficult. As long as you know how to train and eat smarter, not harder.

Since then I been able to help many girls who lift around Australia and the States achieve a strong, fit and athletic body.

And now I have put the system together in The Plateau Audit™.

In this fast, short paced, 10 minute call, we’ll go over…

- The number 1 thing that has been preventing you from going to the next level.

- And I’ll give you 3 specific strategies you can put in place so you can break your plateau.

It's a fast paced 10 minute interview where I’ll ask you a bunch of questions and then give you exactly what you need to know to fix your problem.

Here's who it's for and who it's not...

I'm not going to lie, I can't help everybody.

But here's who I can help...

- Girls who are currently stuck in a strength, fat loss or lean muscle building plateau.

- Girls who have been consistently training for at least 6 months, putting in the time and effort for little to no result.

- Girls who are self motivated, hold themselves to a high standard and want to go to the next level.

- Girls who are confused and overwhelmed with their nutrition even though they have all the information at their finger tips.

And here's who I can't help...

- Girls who are just getting started and still new to lifting.

- Girls who are 'know-it-alls' and aren't open minded to new ideas.

- Girls who have no idea what a squat, bench press or deadlift is.

- Girls who have a negative, half glass empty, mindset.

So if you meet the criteria, then...

Today I’d like to invite you to join me for a Plateau Audit.

Because I spend most of my week helping my Strength Squad girls I can’t do many of these...

But I have opened up 10 spots over the next week or so.

It’s first in, best dressed.

So click the button below and schedule yourself a Plateau Audit...

(and if there aren’t any spots available I apologies)

But if you do see a spot grab it now while it’s still free.

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So if you’re currently stuck in a plateau and exercising more or eating less isn’t a realistic solution for you then grab yourself a Plateau Audit…

During the fast paced 10 minute call I’ll identify the number 1 thing that has been preventing you from going to the next level.

And I’ll give you 3 specific strategies you can implement so you can break your plateau.

And today, if there's any spots left, you can get a Plateau Audit right now to say thank you for connecting.

I cannot wait to meet you and help you break your plateau and go to the next level, fast.

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