What it's like to let your passion for success completely take over your life and as a result your health, confidence and body suffers...

I started my own business because I wanted to have freedom. I wanted to be able to work my own hours. I wanted to be able to do things the way I wanted, when I wanted.

Unfortunately the word 'freedom' got lost somewhere between officially quitting my part time job and taking on my first client.

Freedom went completely out the door.


I went from saying "I cant wait to have my own business so I can work when I want" to...

"I can't go out with friends for dinner because I need to work on my business".

The business took over my life and nothing else mattered...

My friends didn't matter.

My family didn't matter

Myself didn't matter.

The funny thing was that the very business I'm telling you about is my personal training facility.

The very message I was preaching at my gym - gaining back your life, health and confidence through smart training and nutrition strategies was actually the complete opposite to what I was currently doing.

Because I was letting the business take over my life, I let my self go. I sacrificed my health for business. I sacrificed my body for business. I sacrificed everything for my business.

Unfortunately my business turned me from a super focused, confident and healthy person into an out of shape boss, with zero self confidence who didn't feel comfortable unless I was by myself on a laptop.

It all came to my attention one day when I cancelled on a lunch that involved a potential business opportunity simply because I didn't feel comfortable in the way I looked.

That was my 'ah ha' moment.

That was when I said enough is enough because I realized I was losing business by letting the business take over my life and health.

I couldn't think clearly and it would take my hours to make a decision.

I was grumpy and snapping at my employees and clients which ended our relationships.

I was tried throughout the day but wide awake at night staring at the ceiling.

It was time to make a change.

I started slow and blocked off time to exercise with short sharp sessions once per day.

Then I focused on my nutrition, by dedicating time to preparing meals so I didn't go for hours without food at the office which resulted in massive binges at home.

And as the result of this - focusing a little bit of time on ME.

I become happier, I'm confinement and for after a very long time I finally feel in control in all aspects of my life - business, fitness & relationships.

A lot has changed since then when I felt like completely throwing in the towel.

Today I’m the guy that elite entrepreneurs and business owners turn to when they need to get some balance back into their life and help with their training, nutrition and lifestyle so they can look and feel better.

My clients come from all walks of life… from elite entrepreneurs with an online business to CEO’s of big ‘brick and mortar’ companies around the world to even celebrities and models who travel to a new state or country on a monthly basis.

I’m not telling you any of this to impress you. I’m telling you this to impress upon you that no matter what type of business you own and operate, you can have the have the body of your dreams AND a successful business if you’re willing to do get the right information and help, and if you’re willing to put the work in.

In fact, you’ll probably find that your business will grow to the new levels once you start taking care of your health and fitness because you’ll think clearer, your energy levels will skyrocket and your confidence will be through the roof.

They say I’m in high demand… and they’re very right.

I regularly consult and act as a fitness, nutrition and health adviser and teach new ways for improving your confidence, image and performance without pills, potions, yo-yo diets and long boring exercise regimes.

Nothing gets me more pumped than taking a tired, overworked and out of shape boss and transforming them into what I call an ‘ultimate fit boss’.

And for the record, I’m not one of those guys who preaches, but doesn’t practice – if you remember in the beginning of my story I used to be one and that’s why I now know what you’re currently going through.

I know what it’s like trying to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule.

I know what it’s like now knowing what to do or where to start.

I know that feeling of people talking behind your back, saying there’s no point being successful if you can’t live to enjoy it.

I’ve also felt embarrassed to admit that I can run a successful business but can’t take control my own life, health and appearance.

But now, I now live a very well balanced life of business, fitness, and lifestyle. I’m happy in control and couldn’t wish for anything else.

Now, this happiness and control didn’t come easy.

As I said in the beginning... I’ve struggled a lot and there has been many times where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and give up. But instead I stuck with it and committed to being successful in all areas of my life and not just business.

Today, in addition to running my YouTube channel, writing articles for fitness magazines, operating my private personal training facility and consulting with elite entrepreneurs and business owners. I still manage to take time out for myself to train, eat healthy and live my life.

I hope you use this blog as well as reaching out to me, seeking help to take back control or your health, fitness and your life.

My true calling is to help elite entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself and that’s the whole reason why I created this blog, my consulting programs and retreats in Thailand .

Yours in health,