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If You Wana Have Hot Sexy Curves

You gotta build muscle! I think we can all agree on that. Well, at least my online client can agree on this (she’s in the picture ^^) However when most girls try to build muscle they start off on the wrong foot. When you look into the training programs of most girls who seek an…

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You’re Missing Out on 48 Hours of Fat Loss

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s at least 30% of your week where you have turned your fat burning switch completely off. Want to know how to turn it back on? It’s quite simple really. Fix up your weekends. The weekend is that 48 hours where most girls undo everything they have been working hard…

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The Long Lost Forgotten Exercise

These days most girls want to swing kettlebells, flip tyres, press kegs filled with water and drag sleds, yet cannot perform 10 decent push ups or 1 single pull up. Society is always looking for the ‘next best thing’ in the fitness industry and this leads to inconsistent, wishy-washy results. Today, I want take you…

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Small Efforts = Success

Body transformation success is the sum of small efforts repeated daily. Too many girls who lift are still looking for that ‘1 thing’. You know what I’m talking bout – “if all you did was this 1 thing you’ll achieve your dream transformation”. I’ll never forget this one client who dropped everything with her training…

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7 Things I’d Do If I Were You (WHEN YOU’VE LOST THE PLOT)

Last month I really lost the plot. I went through one of these phases where I had zero motivation. I felt completely confused about what to do when it came to my nutrition and training. It’s funny how sometimes, even when we have the program, knowledge, and nothing to stop us… We still manage to…

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Core Training Secret (INSTANT RESULTS)

Do you do endless amounts of core and notice very little improvements? Here’s a slight adjustment you can make that will INSTANTLY make your core work pay off. I’m going to introduce you a little rule that both Dan John and Ian King taught me… If it’s important to you. Do it first. In other…

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How to Trick Yourself into Doing Exercises You Dislike

Do you have a list of exercises you hate doing but know you should do? Core? Push ups? Burpees? I know I certainly do. Following on from yesterday’s post where I talked about having FUN with your workouts. I’ll openly admit that there are still some things you may have to do that you don’t…

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