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Squats Are NOT The Best Booty Building Exercise

There. I. Said. It. Now before you get your knickers in a twist… In this blog post you will discover – How I think they became popular. – A awesome study that backs me up. – 4 actions the glutes perform. – A list of the top glute building exercises. How I Think Squats Became Famous For Glute…

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Girls Who Squat (DO THIS THE NEXT DAY)

A common problem for most girls who lift that are trying to improve their back squat numbers is as their weight starts to climb – so do little niggly injuries. I’ve got a 4 minute post squat routine for you It’s called body tempering by Donnie Thompson and it will help you remain injury free so…

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Creatine For Girls Who Lift (DOESN’T CAUSE BLOATING)

One of my online girls was getting some serious bloating. We couldn’t figure out why because her nutrition was on track. Anyway I took a stab in the dark and we changed her creatine supplement because it has been known to cause bloating (despite what the studies suggest) We changed it to Con-Cret by ProMera…

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Weak Bench Press? (NOT ANYMORE)

As mention in the video – here’s the link where you can get free early bird access to the Strong Curves workout program. Out of the big 3 (squat, bench and deadlift) the bench press is the hardest to develop for most girls who lift. But not anymore (smiley face)… In the video above I’m…

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A Typical Nutrition Conversation with a GWL

Girl who lifts: Grant, I’m really struggling with my diet and I feel like I’m stuck in a plateau. Grant: Ok sure – so tell me what you’re doing at the moment. Girl who lifts: Ok well I usually just eat when I’m hungry and eat whatever is in the cupboard which is clean 90%…

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7 Random Tips (FOR GIRLS WHO LIFT)

I had a One Day Fast Track coaching session with a girl who lifts last Friday . We spent 4 hours together going over her training and nutrition and she left with a complete transformation blueprint to follow for the next 12 weeks. Here’s some 7 random things that stood out for me during our…

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If You Could Go Back

5, 10, 15 or 20+ years and tell yourself one thing what would that be? For me, it would be to avoid listening to negative people and surround yourself with successful ones. Up until about 5-6 years ago I was a super negative person, and funny enough it got me nowhere. But it wasn’t my…

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