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Romanian Deadlift Trick For Women (ADD MORE OOMPH!)

RDL’s are an ‘ok’ exercise to bring up your hamstrings. But with this little trick were going add a little more oomph! … and turn them from just an ‘ok’ exercise to a fantastic exercise. The reason why I stated the RDL as just as ‘ok’ hamstring exercise … is because there’s only tension on…

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2 Weird Barbell Hip Thrust Tricks

One of my online girls messaged me the other day asking how to feel her glutes more during bb hip thrusts. I sent her this video video where I talked about applying the mini band below the knees. Her bands were still arriving in the mail so she was wondering if there was anything else.…

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The Best Booty Exercise You’re Not Doing (BUTT ON FIRE!)

I believe there is two main rules to building a booty…. Progressive overload: Which is the determination to improve the exercise (intensity, volume or technique) each week. Feeling the glute work: I want you to be able to contract the glute – making it rock hard – during any glute exercise. Unfortunately, most glute exercises…

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Trust The System

So I like have this system I use with my online girls. It’s hard to explain but it goes something like this… – You lift heavy things in a safe manner. – You do some low intensity cardio. – You stop eating shit and eat real food for the musclezzz. The result? You start to…

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30 Days Is All It Takes

I had a coaching call the other day with one of my online girls – yes, even on a public holiday for the Queens Birthday. She felt like she has completely lost the plot with her training and nutrition. She knows what she has to do – because I’ve taught her. But implementing it was…

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Back Pain During Donkey Kicks? (QUICK FIX)

If you experience lower back pain… … or you feel the glute isn’t working as hard as it should during donkey kicks then today’s post is for you. You’re going to discover a quick fix called the ‘3 inch weight shift’ This will instantly fix that lower back pain and turn on that glute like never…

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The Wake Up Call You Need

Today’s message is going to sting a little bit. It may even be a hard pill for you to swallow. But it’s going to give you the reality check you need to break through your barriers so that you can have an amazing body and life. Here it is… Your body, health & fitness does…

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