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Your First Pull Up (RANDOM TIPS)

Ok girls, part 3. By the way, if you have missed part 1 and 2 here they are… Part 1: Your First Pull Up (JUST 3 STEPS) Part 2: Your First Pull Up (GREASE THE GROOVE) In this video we’re going to cover some random tips I’ve used with my online girls to help them improve their…

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Your First Pull Up (GREASE THE GROOVE)

We have a little term in the RKC and that is… In order to press a lot you need to press a lot This rule also applies to your pull ups, that being… If you want to do lots of pull ups you need to do lots of pull ups. There’s two ways we can…

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Your First Pull Up (JUST 3 STEPS)

There’s nothing more impressive than seeing a girl at a gym bang out sets of pull ups for reps. If you also want to turn heads every time you jump up on a pull up bar, but you’re not quite there yet, then I’ve got 3 exercises for you today to help you improve or…

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4 Band Exercises That Do The Booty Good

It’s all about the tush, derriere, caboose, unit, booty, moneymaker, hiney, bum, fanny… Whatever you wana call it 😉 Here’s 4 band exercises that do the booty good so you can turn heads in those jeans. Oh also, in the beginning of this video you’ll notice I’m in my car. There’s good reason this, I…

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Sneaky Secret to Toned Arms (IT’S NOT MORE BICEP CURLS)

Most girls who lift want toned, sexy arms – it’s normal. In this short video I’m going to reveal to you a little secret that you can apply to your current bicep routine that will help you do this. By the way, it’s not more biceps curls. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You’ll see…

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Girl who lifts

The Most Importantest Strength Lesson Everrr

(pronounce the “everrrr” like you’re a spoilt teenage girl, it sound so much better 🙂 And yes, I used ‘importantest’ in the headline – it’s my blog – I do what I want 😉 Anyways… Last week a girl came to my table with a problem that plagues a lot of girls who lift. She…

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Romanian Deadlift Trick For Women (ADD MORE OOMPH!)

RDL’s are an ‘ok’ exercise to bring up your hamstrings. But with this little trick were going add a little more oomph! … and turn them from just an ‘ok’ exercise to a fantastic exercise. The reason why I stated the RDL as just as ‘ok’ hamstring exercise … is because there’s only tension on…

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